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Jade Reapers Halloween party 2017

Written by Bruticus on . Posted in Guild News

Welcome once again to the spookiest party of the year! Jade Reapers Halloween party! The party will be once again open for the whole community and held on Saturday October 28th - 8 PM CEST in Lion's Arch.


This year’s party will be fierce and awesome as always. We have of course wonderful prizes like Exotics weapons/armorRare weapons/armorEcto’sMini pets and YES...precursors! This years precursors will be The Bard and Frostfang.


Join our discord server - https://discord.gg/cPYTFXS or keep an eye on our website. See you there!

Capturing the new PoF Guild Hall!

Written by Xicer on . Posted in Guild News

Time to rally up reapers! With PoF release we are going to claim the new Guild Hall on Friday September, 30th at 8:30 PM CEST. Gathering will start at 8:15 PM CEST in our current Guild Hall.


Make sure have the access to the new guild hall explored or atleast have some teleport to a friend ready if you wish to participate!

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